Tatweer Misr Developments Company for Real Estate Investment and Development was established in 2014 AD and is one of the fastest companies that succeeded in achieving a prominent position in the huge Egyptian real estate market by possessing pioneering values that enabled it to achieve great success while removing all limits in front of it to provide the strongest change in the field, as it provided value Unrivaled through exemplary projects that master all aspects of development and are known for inspiring change.

The company is proud to have a wealth of industrial and technical expertise, in addition to providing an innovative view of integrated living to emerge strongly as a leading real estate developer in Egypt in order to meet the growing demand for multi-use projects that enrich the lives of the Egyptian community with excellence in design, innovation and sustainability. The company’s unique advantage lies in Its comprehensive, solutions-oriented approach that extends to quality construction, design, unique architecture, unique landscaping and abundance of modern amenities aimed at enhancing the growth of its residents, is driven by a unique vision to deliver the most valuable life experiences to all citizens.

In addition to obtaining significant experience from its shareholders in order to respond strategically to customer-centric visions by forming strategic partnerships with global specialists and internationally acclaimed innovators in every field.

Today, Tatweer Misr is proud of four iconic developments that represent true testaments of contemporary elegance and innovation across the Arab Republic of Egypt from its award-winning flagship project, Monte Galala in Ain Sokhna, and its award-winning island-inspired project Fouka Bay in Ras El Hekma, in addition to the first Bloomfields. A mixed-use home development in the heart of Mostakbal City, and also the newest coastal gem of D-Bay along the northern coast.

Vision and values of Tatweer Misr Company

Tatweer Misr Developments has a long list of values and visions that it follows.

Which helps distinguish its projects from other companies, as the most prominent of them is the focus on Egyptian lands.

As there are countless attractions in it, with its constant development, as well as its natural geography and its continuous wonders, which increases investment rates in it.

Therefore, it is not difficult for the real estate industry in the Arab Republic of Egypt to witness a remarkable boom in recent years.

Not only by playing an important role in shaping the country's economy but also creating a more quality and progressive future for future generations.

As it stands at the beginning of new opportunities because it drives and supports the growth of the industry while exceeding potential expectations in order to fill market gaps with integrity and innovation, and also a constant commitment to excellence, it also understands the differences, which ensures its stability in that sector that keeps pace with urban expansion and demographic inflation, and this will be done. By providing pioneering solutions that go beyond daily necessities to depict the future that innovative homeowners aspire to.

In addition, the company is committed to providing value through innovative projects, in addition to adhering to internationally acclaimed quality standards that were built with integrity and the company's philosophy, which is not only to build beautiful places, but also to create the most valuable life experiences for its customers while growing to see a better future. .

The company hopes to consolidate its position and position as a standard for innovation and work and a leading catalyst for change and progress with a stronger ability to adapt and grow according to customer needs. Its philosophy also stems from a firm belief that the best results occur through commitment and continuous trust, which exceeds the expectations of customers and stakeholders through an integrated practice that combines... Experts in every field with superior experience.

Members of the Board of Directors of Tatweer Misr Company

Because of Tatweer Misr Development’s belief in constantly providing the best and exceptional quality.

Which is Tatweer Misr's creed and the driving force behind its remarkable success, so it constantly seeks to partner with professional experts.

With leading companies around the world to provide a comprehensive vision of unparalleled excellence spanning various disciplines and fields such as:

Dr. Ahmed Shalabi, Executive Director.
Engineer/ Baher Ayoub, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and Executive Director of Projects.
Mr. Mohamed Dawoud, who holds the position of Non-Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors.
Engineer Ashraf Arafa, who serves as Non-Executive Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors.
Mr. Samir Arafa.
Mr. Mohamed Zaytoun.
Mr. Ahmed Dawoud.
Advantages and objectives of Tatweer Misr Company

Tatweer Misr Developments has a list of unique features and objectives that guarantee the company the right to achieve that leading position and attract the attention of investors to its projects. The most prominent objectives and features of Tatweer Misr Developments are as follows:

Delivery of its various projects without any delay.
Working to offer its projects at the most competitive prices and the longest payment systems.
Putting the comfort of its customers first during the establishment of any stage of its projects.
Providing the latest international technologies to move its projects to another stage, keeping pace with the rapid development for a better future.
It works to move the Egyptian residential community to another level of unique excellence.
The ideal choice of locations for its projects to make it easier for its customers to move around without obstacles.
Make sure to study the market before starting planning in order to provide all customer requirements.
Taking care of customers' lives by providing the finest materials for construction and also the strongest security measures in its projects.
Its biggest goal is to build a long-term relationship with customers that is transparent and credible.
In addition to its interest in health by allocating large areas for green crops and using environmentally friendly materials for construction.
Her keen interest in advancing the Egyptian economy.

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