People and Places Developments is one of the real estate development and investment companies that has recently appeared in the Egyptian real estate market, and which began its first steps in the North Coast, which is considered the current destination for investors, through The Med North Coast project, which it brought to offer a different and modern meaning and form. For luxury tourist resorts, it also chose to build the village in the most distinguished and most prestigious parts of the North Coast region, which is characterized by its proximity to vital and important areas.

The company announced that it derives its project patterns from the lives of young people and their experiences as tomorrow’s leaders, and also aims to build projects characterized by sustainability and authenticity alongside youth and positivity in order for customers to ultimately obtain greater value than the price paid in units, and thus be able to form a large and huge customer base that earns Their trust is able to reserve a name for it among the leading companies in the field of real estate development in the Egyptian market. The company is also keen to fully adhere to international standards of quality, security and safety during the construction of its projects. High-quality building materials and finishes were chosen, to maintain the safety of residents, and also to ensure that the buildings last longer. A possible period, and all of this will not be done unless there is a strong leadership that has sufficient experience in the field of real estate development to manage this large edifice.

Members of the Board of Directors of People & Places Real Estate Development Company
Mr. Khaled Al-Assal.
Mr. Mohammed Khaled Al-Assal.
Mr. Karim Khaled Al-Assal.
Mr. Nabil Amasha.
Partners of People & Places Real Estate Development Company
Al-Shimi Design and Decoration Company, headed by Engineer/Mohamed Fares, has designed many successful and important residential projects, and is also distinguished by its modern and luxurious designs.
Campbell Gray International Company is the owner of the most famous chain of hotels in Egypt and in many countries of the world. The company is famous for its luxurious and upscale projects and the level of service provided within those hotels. Among the company’s projects are the Kings Polo Hotel in Sheikh Zayed City and Alex Lake in Zurich, Germany, and also the Palacio De Canavezes in Portugal, and finally Le Gray Hotel inside The Med North Coast Resort.
Objectives of People & Places Real Estate Development Company
The company aims to provide the greatest amount of comfort and privacy to customers.
Its great interest in building projects that revitalize the Egyptian economy.
Building integrated residential and coastal projects that help raise the standard of living of residents.
Relying completely on the use of clean energy in its projects to reduce pollution.
Providing residential projects designed according to the latest international styles and trends.
Utilize the project space as best as possible in order to provide the largest amount of units and also serve a large number of residents.
It works to build all projects in the best and most prestigious locations closest to the heart of Cairo and vital areas.
It aims to build integrated residential complexes that provide residents with a high degree of comfort and privacy.
People & Places Real Estate Development Company is characterized by providing complete security and also taking all security precautions.
It fully adheres to the delivery dates of the units announced by it.
Full compliance with all specifications and interior finishes of the units that have been announced.
Its keenness to use the strongest building materials in order to build its projects.
The developing company aims to offer the best possible prices to take into account the financial condition of customers
It aims to provide the best payment and installment systems over the longest possible periods and at the lowest down payment price.
People & Places Real Estate Investment Company is distinguished by its selection of the best and most qualified work team in all fields.
The company was distinguished by its good study of the real estate market before starting to implement and launch its residential projects.
Perfection, ingenuity, and distinction are among the most important fundamental factors that the company operates on.
The company is keen to create a strong relationship between itself and its customers and provides them with everything new and advanced.
The company follows strategies and important principles in order to show its project in an innovative way.

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