Lasirena North Coast is presented by Lasirena Group, which is considered one of the important companies in making, developing and designing tourism projects in Egypt. Lasirena Real Estate Group was founded in 2006 AD, and since then it has implemented 8 tourism projects in the most important Egyptian coastal cities, apart from the coast. Al-Shamali, it owns a group of other projects in Ain Sokhna, Sharm El-Sheikh, and also Oyoun Moussa and others. The reason behind Lasirena Real Estate’s fame is the trust of thousands of customers in it and in the work it provides with quality and a high level of sophistication in the Egyptian real estate market.

Laserena Real Estate Development Company has always paid attention to the market requirements and customer needs in every new building that joins its business. What has contributed to the success of the company's name is its credibility in providing the best and latest designs and required quality, as well as its commitment to customers with the agreed upon receipt dates.

The Lasirena Group of Companies is considered a group of leading companies in the field of tourism and real estate investment, and has tremendous experience in the field of real estate, and this has enabled it to obtain a large segment of customers, and also offers them the highest level of luxury, security, and distinguished life in the country. The company aims to provide the optimal investment for its customers. Whether in the tourism field, the residential field, as well as the commercial and administrative field, while applying the highest quality standards to meet all the needs of its various customers.

Objectives and features of La Serena Real Estate Group
Laserena Real Estate Development and Investment Company has a wide range of different features and goals that it follows during every work it carries out, and this is what made it occupy a great position in the Egyptian real estate market among other major competitive companies. Among the most important of these features and goals of Laserena Real Estate Group are the following:

La Sirena Real Estate Group aims to provide urban communities with a unique and distinct architectural character.
The company is keen to build urban communities according to strategies and important foundations.
La Serena Real Estate Group selects the most important vital spots and strategic locations that are close to the most important roads to establish its project.
  The company was keen to study the Egyptian real estate market in detail before working on launching the project to meet the needs of customers and the Egyptian market.
Our company aims to build a long-term relationship and mutual trust between it and our valued customers.
La Sirena Real Estate Development Company works to follow several important rules and principles with all its projects in order to appear in the best possible light.
Lasirena Real Estate Group has a large number of engineers and experts in the field of engineering consultations to develop the latest modern designs.
The company is always keen on dedication to work and innovation, as well as creativity and development, to provide urban communities with a distinct character.
La Sirena Real Estate Development Company is keen to provide high-value projects by following international technologies for fourth generation cities.
It is concerned with providing a large range of diverse residential units of various sizes and that also come at competitive prices to suit everyone.
Providing the best payment systems and also in comfortable installments over the longest possible period in order to make it easier for everyone to benefit without bearing a financial burden.
La Sirena Real Estate Investment Company offers a wide range of services and various recreational activities in all its projects.
La Serena Real Estate Group’s work
This huge entity owns a large series of residential and tourism businesses, which were able to draw all the attention of the real estate market to it, and which are located in the most important geographical locations that are close to the most important direct main axes to facilitate access for customers without taking long distances, and this enabled it to achieve levels of success. A high level that made it occupy a great position in the Egyptian real estate market, and among the most important of these works attributed to Lasirena Real Estate Development Company are the following:

La Sirena Village, North Coast.
La Serena Bay Village.
L'avvento, the eyes of Moses.
Moses' eyes.
Palm Beach project.
Mini Egypt Resort.
La Sirena Resort Village in Saffron.
Cape Bay Village, Ain Sokhna.

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