Emaar Alex Developments is a real estate investment company that is considered one of the leading Egyptian entities in the real estate sector. The company was founded in 2008 AD by an Egyptian businessman, and the company’s board of directors also includes Emirati businesswomen and an Emirati businessman, where Emaar operates. Alex is under the Egyptian Joint Stock Company No. 159. Therefore, Emaar Alex Real Estate Development succeeded in creating distinctive and innovative real estate projects, and contributed with a creative touch to the Egyptian real estate market, until it became one of the most important and largest leading companies in the field of real estate to compete strongly with major real estate companies, and for this reason it was able to acquire... A large customer base with high levels of trust due to the huge and advanced projects it provides.

Members of the Board of Directors of Emaar Alex Real Estate Development Company
Chairman of the Board of Directors/ Muhammad Al-Hanash.
The company's board of directors is Emirati businesswoman Dr. Aisha Ahmed.
Emirati businessman/ Abdul Rahman Saif Al Shamsi.
Emaar Alex Real Estate Development Company strategy
Emaar Alex Real Estate Development Company follows a unique strategy in selecting sites and interior and exterior architectural design, in addition to focusing on providing the highest standards of finishing, and also ensuring diversity in the components of each project, whether residential, commercial, administrative or tourism, through fruitful cooperation with experts. Vastly experienced consultants, contractors and suppliers.

The mission of Emaar Alex Real Estate Development Company
Emaar Alex Real Estate Development and Investment Company believes that construction and real estate development means building a full life, and from our point of view it represents greater value than just building a traditional residence. Therefore, choosing to invest with us is the best investment for a prosperous future. Therefore, we remain loyal to our values and committed to achieving sustainable development within the framework of Egypt’s strategy for the year 2030. We also provide distinctive real estate solutions to our dear clients, in order to help them achieve their goals for a better future with ease, in order to work on our mission. We adhere to several standards, including the following.

High quality
The company believes that quality is the basis of success, so it focuses on providing high-quality real estate projects by choosing the best strategic locations with great care, using the latest technologies in design and development, and also choosing high-quality finishing materials. We also always aim to satisfy our customers at Emaar Alex by By providing high quality after-sales services to maintain the highest standards.

Recognizing the diverse needs of customers, Emaar Alex Real Estate Development Company offers a variety of real estate products and services, including residential, commercial, administrative, and tourist units. The company also provides pre-sales and after-sales services such as real estate consultations, financing services, and maintenance services, and therefore we are committed to... With sustainable development, and contributing to society by supporting charitable and social projects at Emaar Alex Real Estate Development Company, we also strive to meet your needs and aspirations with the highest standards of quality and innovation, by creating distinctive real estate projects that combine elegant architectural design with high-quality finishes, and a commitment to your satisfaction, in addition to... Building partnerships focused on successful real estate investments.

Emaar Alex Real Estate Investment and Development Company is committed to achieving its vision through hard work and dedication to its mission and values. The company also aims to be a leading real estate investment company in the Arab Republic of Egypt in order to contribute to the development of the Egyptian economy.

The vision of Emaar Alex Real Estate Development Company
Emaar Alex for Investment and Real Estate Development aims to be a leader in the real estate investment industry in Egypt. We also strive to be a reliable reference for all clients. We are also committed to meeting your needs and aspirations with the highest standards of quality and innovation, in addition to building sustainable partnerships, and also providing the best services and products. We constantly strive to choose the best locations for our projects, in addition to focusing on ease of access by choosing a strategic location within the main road networks and proximity to distinctive landmarks. Our attention to architectural details internally and externally reflects our commitment to providing the highest and finest levels of quality, and therefore we aim with our real estate projects to achieve Egypt’s strategy. The future, and working to promote sustainable national development, create enjoyable living and working environments, and also improve the quality of life in our communities in short, as our vision revolves around working comprehensively to achieve maximum benefits for you, our partners and society as a whole, detailing this in the following points.

Emaar Alex and Economic Development Company The company contributes to economic development and also through providing job opportunities and stimulating investment in Egypt.
Emaar Alex Company and Social Responsibility Based on its commitment to social responsibility, the company also supports charitable and community projects to contribute to community development.
Objectives and features of Emaar Alex Real Estate Development Company
The company aims to build advanced and innovative urban communities.
Studying the Egyptian real estate market in detail before offering the project.
Emaar Alex is keen to offer large packages of units at the best prices and in various sizes.
The company is interested in building a strong relationship with customers.
Her keen interest in developing the latest designs and also the best decorations.
Transparency, credibility and integrity are among the company's basic factors.
The company is keen to follow international rules and laws in the field.
It is distinguished by building distinguished residential projects in accordance with international principles and standards.
It is concerned with delivering all its projects on the agreed upon date without delaying the customers.
Partners of Emaar Alex Real Estate Development Company
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