Mabany Edris Development Company is one of the most important real estate companies in the Egyptian market and has extensive experience for more than 20 years, specifically in the year 1998 AD. The company has constructed many residential buildings that will provide the common needs of all our customers in this era. The company also began Mabanee Idris Real Estate began its journey in the nineties of the last century and built several buildings and buildings in Nasr City and also in Heliopolis. This success is due to our values and goals that we follow to properly plan and advance projects in an innovative and modern way.

Mabanee Idris Real Estate does not always follow a specific path in implementing its projects. Despite our best efforts, over the years our goals have matured, and our ambition has also grown. However, our vision has remained the same, which is to be pioneers with a purposeful vision in the field of real estate, in order to emerge. Always as a reliable and diversified developer of sustainable projects that provide exceptional returns for all our groups.

Our vision stems from our pride in our family, and we also believe in the importance of family values for the company. Therefore, we began our journey as one family, and in every decision we make, we take into account all relevant variables and factors from the family’s perspective so that we can attain a large and prominent position in the Egyptian real estate market.

Advantages of Mabanee Idris Real Estate Development Company
In our company, we have many basic principles and values that we follow in our plans before launching any new project.
We also always keep in mind that this project will become home to hundreds of families.
This distinction is due to a group of the most important success experts and company owners, headed by Muhammad Idris, CEO of our company, Mabanee Idris Real Estate.
Our mission is to be a unique real estate developer that benefits from innovative concepts.
Commitment to values, strategies and effective operations in order to achieve high returns on investment, 360 degree customer satisfaction and sustainable developments for all our groups.
Mabanee Idris Real Estate Development Company works with a commitment to our dedication to work and also our personal commitment to maintaining and implementing any promises that were presented in an innovative way in a way that ensures the continued growth and prosperity of our relationship in the field of real estate.
We take pride in our tremendous ability to navigate the unpredictable Egyptian market and outperform the major leaders in the Egyptian real estate market.
This is due to innovation and also to creating a standard of living with global technologies to meet the needs of our customers and provide them with a distinctive life.
Projects of Mabanee Idris Real Estate Development Company
Mabanee Idris Real Estate Development and Investment Company owns many residential, commercial, and medical projects in the most important vital areas in the Arab Republic of Egypt. The company is distinguished by always choosing the most important areas to launch its project, in addition to implementing many residential neighborhoods in the most important residential cities in Cairo.

Among the most important projects undertaken by the company are the following:

Palm Gardens Compound.
Green projects 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
Mansourieh Compound.
The Block Mall, Sheikh Zayed.
Central Avenue Sheikh Zayed Mall.
Rufaida Medical Project in Sheikh Zayed.
Egyptian Warehouse Complex.
Tivoli Dome in 6th of October.
Developing approximately 12 real estate projects.
Kon Village North Coast.

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