Madaar Developments is one of the largest companies present in the huge Egyptian real estate market with the largest projects that made it stand strong and achieve a leading and prestigious position among the rest of the other companies in the field, which is characterized by a unique touch that made it succeed in quickly rising to that position and transcending all borders. This comes since it was established in 2015 with a strategic plan and innovative design ideas.

Madar Company is considered a real estate investment and development company in various construction fields, commercial and residential, with integrated services. It is owned by the private sector and has a distinctive ability to launch any project with integrated speed, starting from site selection, acquisition and financing to construction, property management and also maintenance.

In addition to its establishment of integrated projects of various stages with a unique touch that is unprecedented in the market, which makes it attract the attention of investors and also customers, and this makes it achieve unprecedented levels of sales, which makes it possess a huge segment of customers with a high percentage of trust because of this exclusivity, and also its good relationship. With its customers, which are characterized by credibility and transparency with full commitment, in addition to the highest possible quality and transferring the Egyptian residential community to the latest methods and keeping pace with the rapid global development for the sake of a better future for citizens.

The vision and values of Madar Real Estate Development Company

Madaar Developments has several basic principles that determine the stability, creativity and professional expertise of its management team, the most prominent of which are the following points:

A strong long-term business plan.
Commitment to excellence and tenant service.
Its close relationship with strategic partners, tenants and also real estate professionals.
A proven ability to add high value to Egyptian projects and society.
In addition to the continuous pursuit of visionary development.
Thinking higher in the field in all ways over time.

In order to carve a name and legacy among developers that is synonymous with luxury, Madar Company benefited from its knowledge in the field of hospitality, and this was done by working with sister companies such as the famous Sunrise Resorts. To date, Madar Company for Investment and Real Estate Development is able to provide services across all fronts.

Advantages and objectives of Madar Real Estate Development

Madaar Developments has a unique list of features and goals that have helped it achieve this leading and prestigious position and confirmed the excellence of its projects, and also increases the levels of customer confidence in it and makes it the first destination when thinking about purchasing to ensure credibility and transparency, which is considered its biggest advantage.

The most prominent features of Madar Real Estate Development Company are as follows:

It delivers projects on the specified date without any delay to its clients.
Putting customer comfort as its first priority and concern during the launch of all stages.
Taking care of the environment by using the most friendly materials without any resulting pollution.
Paying attention to offering projects at the most competitive prices with long payment systems.
It studies the market in detail before starting to plan any project.
Ensuring that its projects integrate with all market and citizen requirements.
Providing the strongest security measures in its projects to ensure a feeling of safety at all times.
Keeping pace with the ever-accelerating global development.
Choosing the finest designs that are compatible with the most luxurious interior finishes in all its projects.
The ideal choice of location to be located close to the most important landmarks and main roads.
Madar Real Estate Development is keen to build a long-term relationship with clients.
Full commitment to providing the highest possible quality at all stages of construction.
Eager to increase investment in the market and improve the Egyptian economy.
Its relationship with clients is characterized by transparency and credibility through all stages of establishment.
In addition to cooperating with the largest experts and consultants to integrate its various projects and appear without fail.
It guarantees a return on investment for investors.
Providing the latest technologies that will make life easier for customers.
Factors for establishing Madar real estate development projects

Madaar Developments follows many factors and fixed values in order to launch its projects, which help it occupy this prestigious position and distinguish its projects from the rest of the projects of other companies, which are as follows:

the site

It comes as the first factor that the company pursues and chooses carefully in order to be the greatest criterion for the success of any project, regardless of its field. Therefore, it establishes it in the most strategic locations located on Egyptian lands, which provides residential projects with ease for customers by making them close to the most important places. Vital areas and also the main roads that will facilitate their movement without any obstacles or delays on the way.

It also guarantees the success of commercial projects by achieving an investment return for the investors contracting with it due to its presence in vital areas for citizens. Also, for coastal tourist projects, the location guarantees a panoramic view of the sea that provides an enchanting experience for the eyes.

Services and activities

The company is keen to provide the largest number of services that meet the various daily needs of customers with entertainment activities that help spend the most enjoyable times suitable for different age groups.


Creating its projects with the finest exterior designs of buildings with luxurious interior finishes that coordinate with each other to make the owner feel special over time.

Aesthetic aspect

The company works to provide the largest spaces for colorful landscapes and also with a wonderful view of the Crystal Lagoon in its projects.

Of experience

It is keen to cooperate with the greatest expertise in the fields of engineering consultation and design to integrate its projects.

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