The MarQ Communities Company is considered one of the most important real estate companies in the Egyptian market. The company also has a leading name that speaks about its history and the huge successes that have achieved it with a huge percentage of sales, in addition to the fact that it has gained a large segment of customers with high percentages of weight through these successes that it has achieved. The company, The MarQ Communities aims to become the leading lifestyle community provider in Egypt by designing distinctive integrated communities to meet the needs of its customer base. The MarQ Communities is an art-driven real estate developer, known for creating distinctive communities. And innovative in the most strategic neighborhoods in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Our mission at The Mark Communities is to inspire people to have unique life experiences that have never been seen before.

We also design our communities to inspire people by celebrating architectural sophistication, and this is also reflected in the architectural designs and natural features in all of our communities, giving our customers the impression that they are living in a civilized and innovative social environment.

Objectives and features of The Mark Communities Company
The MarQ Communities is keen to provide innovative urban communities with high value. Therefore, the company has many modern construction goals and strategies that it follows in all of its residential and commercial projects. These goals are as follows:

The Mark Communities Company studies the Egyptian real estate market in detail before launching any project.
It offers all modern methods and technologies in all their legitimacy.
The company is keen to develop the best engineering decoration works that follow international specifications.
The Mark Communities Company delivers its projects on time with clients.
Providing all its projects with all the necessary services and needs of its customers.
The Mark Communities Company is keen to provide urban communities in the most important vital areas.
The Mark Communities Company offers everything that is new and advanced.
Perfection, ingenuity and innovation are among the most important features that The Mark Communities follows in all its work.
Credibility and transparency are an essential element to which The MarQ Communities is committed.
The most important previous projects of The Mark Communities Company
The MarQ Gardens.
The Wonder Mar project.
The MarQVille project.
The MarQ Gardens.
MarQuette New Cairo Mall.

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